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3D Wall Art Panels – Installation


3D wall art panels can be easily installed following our DIY installation instruction guide. First step generally includes cleaning the surface of wall. Assemble the panels on the floor,placed out to ensure the intended design is planned before starting the installation.


Add the adhesive to the back of the panels. The adhesive can be in the form of heavy industrial glue or an equivalent that is conducive enough to hold the panels firmly onto the wall. Place the wall panels starting from 1 side of the wall and then complete the design as intended. Wipe off excess glue that comes into contact with the front and the sides of panels to ensure a clean finish. Cutting the 3D wall panels for plug points and around objects mounted on the wall is also easily done with the use of a cutting knife.


Painting the 3D wall panels can be done with any colour of choice for personalization. Oil based paints and spraying methods of painting is recommended to add that class finish you looking for.


This installation is done effortlessly and timeously that will make your wall project an absolute pleasure and fun to do without all the mess.

For self installations please download the installation guide:


Start your DIY installation today with our fantastic range of 3D wall panels!



Delivery of our 3D wall art panels is done to your doorstep. We service all provinces nationwide.



Our services include supplying, installing, painting and consulting for the best 3D designs that’s suited for your space,ensuring your home, office or business space is fitted with the best in modern and trendy wall designs from our wide range of panels.

3D Wall Panel Portfolio

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